[email protected]! Hamabike 2010 Nov 17, 2010

Game-changer right here! Slams, nollie 360’s, skateboarding, tire slides. Holy shit, [email protected]!’s on fire!

  • sevem

    Moments like 4:00 show that someday fgfs riders will look like riding is a second nature. It feels great to think about it.

  • this was good, but not game changer status. people throw that around alot. I think the most recent Grime edit could be described as a game changer. and im not 100% percent on this one, but I dont think I saw any g-turns in this edit at all. I believe those are nollie 360s?

  • Yes, Nollie 360’s, my bad. I personally believe that this is a game changer though. Everything is fast and smooth. It’s still 700c and they’re proving that smaller wheels aren’t the answer for all. I think the Grime edit was good, but I’m not a fan of pegs or 26″. Everything in the Grime edit could have been done on 700c IMO.

    Not hating, just explaining my opinion.


  • gus

    NOLLIE 3’S
    SO SICK!

  • ^^ i agree with prolly on this one. smooth fast 700c

  • dag

    Not huge into fgfs, but damn – this was so smooth, so clean. Kept getting better and better.

    Great photography too.

  • dan808

    i just love the way the japaneeeee ride! soooo fast! and they are leaving the ground more too.. nollie 3’s just proves it! +1 GAME CHANGER

  • SICK!!! A real evolution and precision…
    GRHH, those Japs are real cats, so I am not :-(, it like at the Olymics, there are always creazier, more souple and sharper on moves…Good old japonese Bodies!!!
    Congrats to them!

  • FunnyMoney

    I really like they mix skate and bike…damn I love wheels