Gary Wilpizeski: Tony Fast at the Philly Bike Expo Fixed Freestyle Jam Nov 2, 2010

Photo by Gary Wilpizeski

I hadn’t seen Gary in a long time and I was stoked to see him at the Bicycle Revolutions Fixed Freestyle Jam during the Philly Bike Expo (can I just call it PBE?). Homie shot a ton of photos of the Sweat Hogs gang having fun. There’s even one of me in there on Drew’s bike rocking the Metal Race ’07 shirt. Check the rest of his photos out right here.

  • As always, thanks for posting up my pics! Good seeing you again. Some day I’ll haul my bike/camera up to new york city and get some riding in. There’s a couple hidden animated shots of tony in the comments of some of the pics in that flickr set.