Vuelo Velo Oct 25, 2010

By now you’ve probably seen the Vuelo Velo bikes. Specifically, the number “1”. While I’m not a fan of the bicycle’s design language, this video is quite nice. But they’re known for that. I know I’m like 8 months late on this. Maybe you remember these NAHBS 2010 Videos?

  • rdrey

    i yelled ‘ahhhh boooo’ in disappointment at 2:41.

  • I know man, I know. HAHA!

  • jordan

    freewheel bikes with only a front brake!?!
    i’m seeing this more and more

  • Wilis

    I remember the same feeling of wait?! What!? Watching Quicksilver for the first time.
    Shot really well though like the design of the frame.