Fixed Freestyle Scene Report: Spring 2007 Skidface Oct 21, 2010

Back in March of 2007, Jason of 4916 threw a 6-week long fixed freestyle contest under the BQE called Skidface. Each week there was a different event ranging from trackstand, to bunny hops to sprints. This was pre-Peel Sessions and at the time, I was super low-key with doing tricks. I could barely barspin I think. Luke, of Empire, along with Dan Gonzalez made this video of the finals night.

Kyle Demers of DQM / Nike took first place. People always say the current state of fixed freestyle is boring to watch when compared to BMX. Well, this stage was just boring to watch period! Events like this were my first introduction to organized competitions at non-messenger events. Crazy how far they’ve come!

  • santiago

    those were the good days, it was a more diverse crowd rather than all cmx crowd, which i’m not hating on (all sports always evolve) but some of my friends that get into FGFS think they’re the shit and get full of ego.

  • Kyle

    Those sprints were a lot of fun.

    Pablo was sooo mad that night…

  • 8pmhangover

    Oh man, back when shit was low-key and fun, and people weren’t worried about being hard and getting sponsored. Too much concern over having the right parts and the right bike nowadays, it used to all just be fun and games.

  • Ed

    Funny to watch this after a few years. I’ve got a bunch of photos from this event in my archives.