Fixed Freestyle Scene Report: Cadence Seattle 2007 Oct 27, 2010

Without digging up the obvious MASH trailer, this Cadence video is what, a few years ago, I would have called “West Coast style”. Lots of skid variations and then Keo at the end with the crowd-pleasing wheel-grab wheelie. My mind was blown!

Around this time, I think of Philly being a polarizing opposition to this. Not in any dogmatic way, just in an approach. The West was about treating the track bike as a delicate object and the East was about BMX influence. Remember the Cadence East Coast video with Tom and Bean? Too bad it’s been taken down. Even in Bootleg Sessions 1, it was clear what the two coasts were about.

  • Tyler Johnson

    and now the west is just doing bmx stuff too. I still feel like each section of the scene has their own “style” though. Def NY, Philly gnarness, and cali tech. Would you agree?

  • I think it’s all pretty similar now. There are so many riders out there in every city. Look at the 26″ peg crowd, versus the 700c non-peg. There’s no real differentiation between the geographic locations at the moment. Even worldwide.

  • Kanon08

    The good ole days

  • I think that the difference between the US and Japanese style is huge. Japan is so fast… We have allot of fast riders too, but their scene seems “faster” in general, not to say that i dig it more, but I definitely see a difference.

    I think the US scene is mainly seperated by the 700 and 26 styles. You see dudes like Lamarche, TJ, Santos, Matt Spencer, and Torey to name just a few killing it in a whole different way than Wonka, Jensen, and all the pther dudes ripping 26es.

    It has changed allot from the days were it seemed that all the West Coast was about Keos, and parking lot type stuff and the East Coast was getting down with Lamarch and The Grime. Bottom line, it has been allot of fun watching things change and progress.