Downtown From Behind: Caroline Fuss on Essex St Oct 28, 2010

Chances are if you’re out on your bike in the Lower East Side or Tribeca, you’re going to run across some gorgeous women on cruisers. By the time you see them, they’re already down the block. Your only view from that point is behind. Now that’s not the message behind this new blog called Downtown From Behind but it is another application!

This video showcases Caroline Fuss, a fashion designer. For photos and more videos, check out Downtown From Behind!

  • Marty

    dank…I want to be a cruiser bike seat in my next life.

  • sdz

    the photographer looks better than the model…

  • chris

    looks like the market at essex and rivington. which would be a very busy place to shoot. but at least you could hit up mason dixon for wings and yeunglings after.