Down to Ride Oct 5, 2010

Speechless. America!

  • I will be more stoked on this when they actually have footage out side of Santa Barbara County, California.

  • hors

    These guys are about two years late. Stay reppin’ 2008!

  • skamp

    This looks fucking stupid

  • no gear, no helmets and cocky hipster attitudes.
    when does it come out on blu-ray?!

  • anon

    car assisted hipsters

  • nick

    Why can’t dudes just have fun and not get shit for it?

  • bryanT

    I went on a self supported tour from seattle to crescent california with my friends on fixed gears this last summer. It was hard as shit. good luck boys and it’s as hard as everyone says it is.

  • M

    Would be impressed if they had panniers and no mom driving the support vehicle :)

  • hahah!

    Giving the title “hipster” would be giving them off to much credit man.

    I hope they will be “mashing” in their normal garb that consists of fresh ass skinny jeans and flannels or tank tops.

    major facepalm to the fixed gear community.