Sam Erickson: ACC Street Riding Sep 1, 2010

As with any competition, the street riding before and after is usually the most fun. No one’s stressing out or trying to hurt themselves, they’re just out having a blast. Check out Sam’s video from last week’s All City Championships street riding featuring Antonyo, Taylor, Torey and Rick. Taylor slammed that wall! Nicely done.

  • Gism Dad

    This is filmed really poorly. Seriously, 90% of the tricks were cropped out. I am very unsatisfied with the judgment used for this edit.

    The riding is swell, though.

  • Sam

    I totally agree. I didn’t really feel like I was on my game with this edit, but there is some good riding that I felt people should see so I just threw this up.
    I’m working on getting a better editing program and am working on my technique.
    Thanks for throwing this up on the blog, John.

  • taylor

    Honestly man, what possesses you to even write a comment like that? I’m kind of unsatisfied with your gapping vagina.


  • vin-E

    taylor you spelled gaping wrong…
    thats what you’re at college for I guess! hahaha
    gapping vaginas is what I did to your mom last night while I was riding her…
    That shit was like 10ft wide son!!