Revoked: Josh Boothby Winter Teaser Sep 6, 2010

Boothby is easily one of the best riders out there. Remember his first edit? Flat 3’s that got everyone in a tissy. He’s been filming with Fonseca for Revoked and I guarantee his section will kill it. Nice moves Josh. Goes to show a great BMX background makes a great fixed freestyle rider.

11 Before Almost 24 Hours

  • Gatspy

    Not every great bmxer can do well on a fixed gear. We all should know that. Boothby kills though.

  • Alice Glass

    Any BMX rider can pick up a fixed and throw down at least 180’s and hop bars. The first time I met Josh, he had just gotten a flat at a comp and he grabbed some kid’s Walmart BMX and threw a 540 and a wallride 180 out first try. He’s gooooooooooooooooood