Ostre Kolo Sep 13, 2010

Wow, what a rad little video. I was sold at the still they used for video before I even saw the full thing. It’s a little long and all in Polish, but worth the watch! Thanks to Kris at Locked Cog for the heads on this one. Now I have to get my Polish neighbor to tell me what they’re saying!

  • That is awesome. An insane bike in the end.

  • Mike15^

    Amazing looking bike, any idea what crankset is on that bike?

  • ryan

    definitely a good find. that camera guy has great control. and i love all the slider shots.

  • Nice bike. Needs bar plugs though…


  • Gener

    Yow, sexy film, and the mysterious Polish made it
    really romantic. Note they skipped close up of
    lining up the pin in the chain tool – the most
    tricky part.

  • Przemek

    Well, basicly the guy explains what is a fixed wheel bike, he talks about it being built, what are the differences between a fixed wheel and a road bike, he says why is a fixed wheel a good means of city transport and the fun feeling of riding it. It’s like an info video for newbies. The fixie craze hasn’t reached Poland yet (at least not to the point of other countries), so most bikes are completely built form scrap/used parts here. It’s quite difficult even to buy a track hub or a cog in a bike store so the fixed wheel specific parts are in most cases aquired form friends or salvaged from elderly bike mechanics. Fashionista hipsters/poser riders are also a minority here. Poland FTW!

  • even the polish like fucked up..rad.good find

  • it’s not that bad. you can buy parts for fixed bike in the couple of biggest city in Poland. even for trick bike but only volume, subrosa or leaf frames. nice vid with really nice dude Marek

  • Maciek

    Hipster are all over Warsaw, what are you talking about!? The Berlin guys brought it here in 2000! Warsaw Car Killers and such! It’s been here for a while now…Trick is not yet big, but it is coming too, havent been to Poland in a while, eh!?