DZR: Prolly is not Probably Ovis SPD Sneakers Sep 14, 2010


Sometimes things happen behind the scenes that I’m not even aware of. Case in point, today a box arrived from DZR Shoes ( @DZRShoes ), they’re a new company specializing in SPD Sneakers for urban cyclists. They collaborated with Mission Workshop on their Rondels and now they’ve got a website loaded with a full line of sneakers.

Check out more photos below, including how you can get your hands on a pair!


Inside the box were 10 boxes marked with “Size43” through “Size45”. I opened them up and boom, Ovis SPD sneakers. I’m beside myself. They’re Prolly is not Probably editions! Only ten were made by hand at Ovis and I’m planning on giving away three pairs here.


DZR describes their Ovis sneaker as:

A non padded, classic profile in a midtop, designed to be simple yet unique, that would be both timeless and modern. Made out of a soft supply leather, the Ovis will make you forget you even have cycling shoes on.


Fully SPD compatible!


With tons of grip and traction.


I’m super stoked on these. They look a lot like half-cabs but have an extra-stiff sole due to the nylon shank inside.


These are slightly different than the standard Ovis with an all-black toebox and all black leather. So stealth! I’ll be setting up a contest shortly to give three pairs away. The rest are going to local NYC people who will puttem to the test!

Expect more big things from DZR Shoes in the future!

  • These are dope! I just got done checking out their website. Their shoes look legit! I wonder how they hold up.

  • huh?

    so wait. you have shoes before chrome does? not to mention they look a lot nicer. how do they compare to the rondels? what do we have to do to get a pair?

  • jordan

    those look like the best i’ve seen yet

  • JMD

    that’s badass. i want a pair!

  • Burd

    Whoa, that kicks ass…

  • Will these get me laid?


  • chase

    best man for the job. big ups to prolly!

  • these are dope, thx for posting.

  • Joe

    Yes these remind me of the half-cabs too, solid.. would love to rock these see what the can handle

    Test Pilot Joe

  • awesome. cant wait to try to win these and the hold fasts! haha!

  • Brian

    these look super fresh! i would rock these, day one. let us know how they feel, brother. keep reppin’, prolls!

  • Andrew, you’re lucky! The contest is “where can Prolly be found every day between 7pm and 8pm?”…

  • b. taylor

    These look good! Nice.

  • any chances to win this, even though i stay in Indonesia.?

  • belgian guy

    The contest is “where can Prolly be found every day between 7pm and 8pm?”.

    On his road bike with his chari&co jersey and brand new DZR shoes, for a sweety wake up!!


    JOHN ILL THRASH THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (-Maurice)

  • Alex

    “where can Prolly be found every day between 7pm and 8pm?”

    He should be found zipping thru the streets in Sydney on a new pair of DZR shoes on the way to the beach =)

  • 16bitTyler

    Prolly can be found on his Eddy Mercx from 7-8pm :D

  • harold

    “where can Prolly be found every day between 7pm and 8pm?”
    underneath the wb bridge…

  • Ben

    I want a pair of Prolls!

  • “where can Prolly be found every day between 7pm and 8pm?”

    On a barstool like every good red blooded american!