All-City: Twin Six Jersey Sep 17, 2010


All-City is on a roll this year!

We have long wanted to do a kit, and since we proudly flaunt our hometown roots, it seemed only natural to partner with local boys Twin Six to make it happen.

Twin Six has revolutionized on-bike apparel (who’d have thought that making bike clothing that wasn’t hideous was a revolution, but clearly it is), and it’s nigh impossible to go to a cross, mtb, or gravel ride/race around here and not be awash in a sea of their designs. The boys over there also happen to be sometime riding buddies of ours, so it seemed like a natural fit to tap them for our first ever kit.

Yes, that’s kit, as in bibs and jersey. We’re not showing the bibs on the blog just yet, but you’ll be able to see both at Interbike next week. We are f’ing stoked and very happy with how this collaboration has turned out.

Check out more info at All-City’s blog.

  • luno

    cool bike central ripoff bro


  • jeff frane

    I have no idea who bike central is, and while I can’t speak for the guys at Twin Six, I can assure you that I have never seen their kits.

    (I googled it and found a shop in Portland that has checkerboard graphics on their website, so I’m assuming this has to be the shop in question, but no photos of their kits can be found)

    Besides, checkerboard print is ubiquitous to all sorts of racing, there were a number of years of my life in which I only wore Vans checkerboards, plus as everyone knows I’m a huge Spicoli fan.

    If this garment bears any resemblance to any other out there, I can assure you that it’s pure coincidence. But I bet whatever this bike central’s kit looks like, if it looks like ours, it must be sweet.

  • ez

    Oh “luno”, settle down fella.

    The iconic checkerboard jersey of history (similar to this and whatever/wherever the hell Bike Central is) is the 1963 Peugeot jersey. The only difference is that it was primarily white while this is primarily black (and the og ones were wool), but the position of the checkerboard strip and the logos is the same. I may be going out on a limb, but if anyone copied anyone, they’ve all copied the classic Peugeot style. Either that or Bike Central/Twin Six invented a time machine, went back 47 or 48 years and offered the design to Peugeot first. But Occam’s razor and all, (to say nothing of the impossibility of time travel) I’d go with Peugeot being the originators here.

    Then again, who cares? Twin Six makes some of the nicest jerseys out there now (I rock/rub/rub-a-dub the Metal one all the time on my road rides) and All-City is an up and comer (I love my Dropout, thanks Jeff & Co. Please make a steel road frame similar to the Surly Pacer… that would be amazing).

    If you want to “be authentic” you can always rep Peugeot. Or you can grow up just a little bit, sit down at the big boy table and thank All-City for all the nice, tasteful product they are turning out.

    (PS, not to beat the dead equine, but maybe you should write a letter to Vans as they’ve been ripping off Bike Central for… what thirty and change years?)