This is not a Tour: A Cultur Summer Road Trip Part 01 Aug 2, 2010

It’s about time! The Cultur Summer Road Trip footage is finally being upped to the web. Here’s what the Cultur team has to say about it:

Here is the beginning voyage of what turned out to be an amazing life experience for everyone involved. This first installment of the 8 part web series is the groups journey from their first day together in Texas to their rest stop in Louisiana. Plenty of antics and riding along the way. Check back in a week for Part 2!


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  • peru

    R.I.P MJ

  • aj

    if you only knew the things we said into that camera on burbon street. hopefully cultur will put out a party edit from this trip.

  • asdf

    This was really dissappointing. I hate how people try to make their video “artsy” by just adding some horribly shaky time lapses, black and white footage, and putting it all on some off the wall post-rock track. The FILMING is important too. I’m sick of seeing every kid with a camera buy a fisheye and just expect it to make their videos look good. Don’t film fisheye unless you know what you’re doing. It has a specific purpose and I hardly ever see it used correctly.

  • Brody

    bunch of my gnarbuds gettin’ dumrad!

  • JOHN I DEMAND YOU TO APPROVE MY COMMENT. This edit is terrible and my footage is finally finished onto a cd and now i feel as though its going to waste. I hate how you can manipulate video to how you seem fit, we had way more fun! FUCK this.

  • D/c

    Is this a ruff edit? there is next to no riding, and the ginger dude isnt landing anything a few banks under that bridge, isn’t anything to right home about. why do I want to listening to a Random dudes talking outside a bar, with an un lit cigarette? or shopping for fucking t-shirts at a hunting store. I feel confused and taken advantage of, WTF. I was stocked when I found these videos, I thought” road trip fuck ya! all kinds of dope riding ya” shit. ya! I would have rather preferred watching some random family’s cycling trip slide show to Jasper then this. hahahaha ha excuse me if I’m being rude here. next time ride your bike. its way cooler. way dam cooler then attempting to be cool while shopping for ironic t-shirts in a hunting store. If next week there is a BaddAss edit with awesome riding in it. then Im playin the fool. otherwise. get a reality T.V show and stop riding your bike. this is what happens when you check your favorite blog after the bar. what is this a personal memoir? hahahaha
    Prolly rock woh!

  • We knew a lot of people weren’t going to be happy with this first part of the series because there wasn’t a whole lot of riding. I want to emphasize that this is an intro video for the series, this video does not mean that every episode is going to be just like this one. Each city will have its own feel and vibe completely its own. The whole point of this video was to show the guys getting to know each other and to document the beginning of their long trip to BFF. Trust me, we have some sick footage and you will not be disappointed with the upcoming edits. And AJ, I actually really like your idea of having a party montage video from all the crazy shit you guys did on the trip. Im thinking about throwing that in as an extra section once its all said and done!

  • Tvern

    I feel like D/c has no idea who these people are. Might try and do some research before you dog on some of the best riders in fixed gear freestyle.