The Mower Gang Cleans Up Detroit’s Lost Velodrome Aug 11, 2010

This rules on so many levels. By bringing lawnmowers, weedeaters and elbow grease to Detroit’s long lost velodrome, the Mower Gang is single-handedly attempting to bring back some of Detroit’s long lost cycling icons. Much respect! Check out more information at Freep.

  • fantastic.

    Like Kissena and Penrose Park.

  • Lowell


    Home some people take more time to patch it up and make it even better

  • michael

    So, how does one send them some beers and a tank of gas for the Husky?

  • Will Gibbons

    Thanks John. I’m moving back to the D this weekend… I’ll be out there at some point!

  • Bryan

    When the guy says, at the very end, “alright pedal, you gotta go faster,” did anyone else notice that someone in the background says, “its a racetrack faggot”? I mostly just think its hilarious that they wouldn’t edit such a bizarre line out of the end of a piece that’s otherwise so positive. Or, maybe I’m just crazy.


  • Spencer

    Prolly, when are you coming to Detroit? You’d love the architecture.

  • Dan LD

    This is really cool.

  • vvr

    This is all interesting and worthy of respect!

    But I would like to look at where is this velodrome.

  • vvr

    This is all interesting and worthy of respect!
    But I would like to look at where is this velodrome.

  • might’ve been sayin “dang it”, hard to tell after listening a few times tbh

  • Bryan I’m 99% sure he said “its a race track dang it” but who knows.

  • RJCrouch

    @Bryan – It’s obviously two completely different voices and almost just as obviously “dangit”

  • taylor

    haha, yeah he totally did, I didn’t even notice that till you said it. That’s funny as hell. But It’s super rad they cleaned that thing up.

  • wade

    uh, “Roundup” anyone?

  • Spencer
  • Eddy B

    I am a former Detroiter moved to NYC(7yrs). We used to do fairly regular rides on the Outer Drive Loop. It would take us 80 miles following the outer edge of the city, try it sometime. The Velodrome was on this route and we would frequently stop and do a lap or two. Sometimes we would bring our Mountain bikes just so we could comfortably and safely make it around the track a few times. There were gaps and lips, some as big as 5-6″. There was strong evidence of cars that had driven on the track and always a pile of something that had been illegally dumped. The neighborhood is desolate and economically depressed. Don’t go alone at night. I used to hear stories from some of the veteran riders in the area about racing it when they were younger. It was a thriving venue. I am hopeful that Detroit will go through a renaissance and that Doral’s velodrome will come along for the ride, but it is a long way off. There is a new and well raced velodrome now about 30 miles north in the outer suburbs. It would be a hard task to get those racers to regress to the inner city.

  • marissa

    so glad i’m home in michigan for a few weeks and can go out there, sweathogs meet detroit.

  • Hi,

    This is Tom from the Mower Gang. Thanks for all of the kind words about our group. BTW, the Dorais velodrome is in the Dorais playground at E. Outer Drive and Mound Rd. in Detroit. You can see it plain as day from the satellite maps. It is now about a month later and we’ve really gotten quite a bit more done on the velodrome. I doubt we will ever have it super-smooth, but it is great on a mountain bike or anything else you would ride on city streets. I hope you find the time to check it out.

    Thanks again. Look for us on FaceBook. Detroit Mower Gang.