Outlier for Women: Ultrafine Merino Tank Aug 4, 2010

If there’s one thing Abe and Tyler at Outlier are aware of it’s this: women like simple clothing too. No need for everything to be pink with butterflies on it. That’s part of the motivation behind their newest launch. The Ultrafine Merino Tank is the same material as their mens merino shirts but in a tank top for summer time. Next question: when’s the men’s tank coming out?!

See more information at Outlier.

  • Craig

    Cycling in sandals. Tsk, tsk. I’m wondering about the men’s tank too, though…

  • Good lord! Get that girl some biscuits and gravy- STAT!!

  • Tom Foolery

    I’ve got a fat sausage to give her

  • 1speedbrian

    That tank cost 3x her bike ?

  • d.patrick1a

    the frame of her bike is thicker than she is. someone force feed her a box of little debbie nutter bars.

  • Dammit guys. Be nice. I hate reading shit like this. Assholes! You know she’ll end up reading these comments.


  • She is gorgeous, nuff said.
    And yeah when are the guys tanks coming out?
    That reminds me, I need to swoop a ZLOG tank.

  • her bars need new tape. Shes beautiful btw if she does end up reading these comments.

  • No, no you’re right man! She’s actually stunningly beautiful and I can’t imagine a single man (or womyn) out there in their right mind who wouldn’t drop everything at the chance to show her a proper bit of wit, class and charm..

    The feeling I tend to get from images like this one, and while I can’t speak for everyone who’s commented I believe I can say with confidence about not being too far off the mark, is a that as a single straight male viewing an image like this, can be kinda depressing. Like, oh wow, yet another smokin’ hot babe that is either sure to have nothing to do with me, or doesn’t actually exist in real life as I know it- awesome! Let me pick on her in some superfluous way, shape or form to make myself feel a little bit better about my dull and seemingly meaningless life. I mean, it gets kind of annoying after a while ya know?

    Also, saying shit like that comes across as being way more emo than anything else these days and no one really wants to put themselves out there like that for fear of mockery. Unless of course you’re a jaded twat such as myself and just don’t care anymore..

    So yeah, you probably shouldn’t post this cause everyone will think I’m ghey for talking about my feelings on your blog. Which is pretty damn ghey when you think about it! Let’s just pretend I said something too dirty about her to post instead yeah?

  • It’s all good man. Here, take a gander at this to recoup your manliness…


  • PFFT! Check this site out and get back to me in a few hours:


    RUINED. 4. LIFE..

  • I mean, at least I took the photo in my link.

  • ladyrachel

    wow, really guys? come on.

  • Alan (Cycling WMD) started it!

  • I totally looked! It’s just that you need to acquire yourself a zoom lens or something, hehe. Oh and no finger pointing whether it’s my fault or not! Tho now that I know Rachel looks here I’m going to keep my mouth shut! I’ll make some more door stop flipper-thing-a-ma-jigs like STAT!!

  • Although my comments will never come near to Alan’s (see above) way with words, I will also note that this girl is very beautiful and doesn’t have to do absolutely anything with or about her weight. Also, the fact that she has no full-arm and/or chest tattoos, makes her even prettier. More of her in future posts please Prolly.

  • luno


  • mona

    as a girl who avidly rides my bike pretty much every day, it is very upsetting to see images like this. 90% of my friends don’t have bodies like this and tanks that are that long would look like a dress on us. we have curves, especially hips, from– surprise– muscle we’ve built from riding. i think outlier should take a hint and make something for a real women’s body– if practicality is what they’re supposedly all about. it is great that they’re trying to hit women’s style but most women aren’t 6’0 and 120 lbs.