Urban Futurists: Bike Tab Jul 9, 2010

Ok, if the video isn’t informative enough, here’s a little back-story behind this new “urban cycling” iPhone app:

What’s the best way to get more people on bikes? YOXI has started a design competition to help figure that out. Here’s our latest video as part of that competition. If you like it, rate it up at the link below and help it’s chances to move forward and win $5000 to go to charity.

In an effort to create change in how people view cycling as part of their lifestyle, Urban Futurists are proposing an iPhone application to transition from being a recreational cyclist to a social one. The app functions as a game, where you can compete with friends, earn rewards and find additional motivation through shared experience to get you cycling more often.

What would you challenge your friends to?

Personally, I’d just rather ride but it’s an interesting idea!

via Animal NY

  • Lian

    This is actually a pretty sick idea, wonder how many people will jump on it.

    also, isn’t this guy like the least likely guy you’d ever think would be riding an updated litespeed?

  • Dunce

    soooo…foursquare on bikes

    I’m prefer to leave my mobile at home and just ride.

  • yeah, homie needs to ride a lil more.

  • d.patrick1a

    this is like 4square for your bike?

  • I like it.
    Its another “different” way to have fun on your bike.
    everyone is a little bit competitive.
    could be fun… we will see.

  • Peef


    Not ever bike rider has an iphone

  • ^^^
    some of us have berrys.

  • Alucard belmont

    wow. How more Attention whore can this app get?
    this is another distraction for us cyclists

    we are relying most of our lives on a device. we are just not ourselves anymore, and this progam is made so people can creep on each other eh…………. no no no

  • AndroidUser

    How about a European Android version of this?

  • jeff


  • cltfxd


  • T.J.

    I think its a pretty cool idea but I feel like you dont need this app to play a game where you get points for biking places but cool ideas nonetheless….

  • On Your Left

    I like the premise of integrating games and the real world. Its not clear from the video if it uses GPS tracked distances though.

    If GPS is involved, some sort of Geocaching would be cool too.

    not that I even own a cell phone.

  • The thing to keep in mind is that it is a design competition to get people who bike occasionally or maybe recreationally to adopt biking as a lifestyle choice. Creating a social game seemed like a reasonable way to do that. Also, you get trip planning, metrics and other interesting information that actually will help people who are using a bike as a practical form of transportation. I think knowing if there is bike lock close by is pretty neat.

    As for the bike, well… haters gonna hate.

  • grace

    i don’t think this is designed for people that already consider themselves cyclists, more for people that may or may not bike but could use some fun motivation to bike more often. they don’t seem like they are trying to target EVERY kind of biker and all apps are always optional purchases ie: for a self-selecting group

  • I think the haters are missing the point.

    Sure, cycling is a way to unplug, and in the same sense, reconnect.

    Lifelong cyclists don’t need a reason to get out and ride. Newcomers? Well, they’re getting into it.

    Anything to get more asses in the saddle is fucking rad.