Urban Futurists: Bike Tab Final Pitch Jul 20, 2010

The last time I posted about Bike Tab, everyone voiced their opinion. I even had an email correspondence with one of the creators of the app who confirmed a few points and explained Urban Futurist’s intentions a little bit more. Here’s the final pitch for the Bike Tab promo videos and this is what they have to say about Bike Tab this time around:

The Yoxi design competition asked us to to produce a solution to a problem: how do we get occasional cyclists to adopt cycling as a part of their everyday life? Bike Tab is a mobile application that connects cyclists to each other through rewards, games, motivations and challenges. It also connects cyclists to their city with route sharing, bike storage information and personal trip statistics. Bike Tab makes cycling a fun, seamless and rewarding part of your everyday life. Urban Futurists believe that if riding your bike is a game, everyone wins.

I think it’s a great idea. Are you guys still in hater mode? What do you think?

Urban Futurists: Bike Tab

  • dag

    I don’t know anyone who needs “coaxing” to ride. You either ride to get around, or you don’t.

  • jo!

    realistically, its not for those of us who ride all the time. its for the people out there who don’t ride as regularly. and it seems that the goal is to get them into our category. that’s a good thing. some people need a push. maybe this will be just that. and who doesn’t like games? especially those centered around a pre-existing passion? fuck all the nay saying. a little posi goes a long way

  • How about everyone gets orange slices and juice boxes at the end of the ride?

  • austin

    I guess dag and others have problems reading: “occasional cyclists”.

    great idea, no hate here. if it gets more people on bikes, and keeps more people on them, then it’s great. a healthier lifestyle across the population will lead to a better quality of life for all. I honestly believe that.

  • Chris

    I have friends who ride and drive in daily life- I could see this being a fun way to motivate them to bike more. Friendly competition is good, right?

  • Everyone reading this post will be ‘into’ cycling so unless they can see things from a non/very occasional cyclists view point then they will hate!

    Seems good for the target audience, but at the same time it’s overcomplicating something which should be so simple :-)

  • Vas

    its not about “coaxing” its just a fun lil extra thing to do. you either like it or not.

    and if you only ride to get around then perhaps you might actually benefit from this app, and start riding just for the fun of it with no place to go ;)

  • Luke

    Everyone wants to talk like Ira Glass.

  • d.patrick1a

    i agree with dag. i dont need that app. everyone i know who rides, rides with me anyways. that guys voice annoys me.

  • Mason

    I always thought most cyclists hung out at a certain number of places anyway.
    I don’t really see a point, but I also don’t see a point in having an iPHone.

  • Haterade

    If you need a computer program to motivate you to ride maybe you should stick to Space Invaders.

  • Thanks for the comments. It’s good to see that the people who take the time to read see that it is actually for charity and is a competition. Understand that we are trying to get people who bike sometimes, to bike all the time. That is what we were asked to do. We would have gladly attempted to solve another problem, but this is the one they gave us and we think this will work.

    And yes, my voice is annoying. Luckily you will not have to hear it as I will have sped ahead of you while you sweat your way up and down the Williamsburg Bridge.

    If you have any suggestions on how to improve the app, please check out the website. Thanks.

  • Parker

    Sounds like a good idea for me. I have plenty of friends who CAN ride their bikes places, but often choose to drive, mainly because “everyone else” is. If they can see through this app that “everyone else” is planning on riding, I can almost guarantee they’re going to pick up their bike and ride.