Slum Worm: Wheel Talk II Jul 21, 2010

One of the highlights of my Summer Fix LA experience was seeing new people ride in person. The Slum Worm crew was there in full-effect and all the dudes straight killed it. Molten hot style for days, as seen in their newest Wheel Talk edit. Keep em coming guys!

  • I love the shoe stuck into the strap!


    total bitting on the wrawh vids with the weird footage inbetween! and it dosnt suit the edit either, fuck some people are so un original,

  • woah woah, cool your jets buttercup. There is nothing wrong with throwing in some cool footage that we shoot ourselves. all clips used in the video were shot by wheel talk. sick dude.

  • haha. okay bro. You need to invest in a butt plug the size of your mouth, because you have shit excreting from it. Next time let the wheels talk.

  • fixednyc

    i think SHITFACE is refering to the clips of the surgeons and the teeth clips, in this case i agree. i dont understand why people put stupid shit like that in edits in the first place… lame.

  • Juice

    To put you in the mood motherfucker gritty raw in your face fuckah

  • Mutt

    New edit is sick! I want to see even more random clips in the next one.