Ollie Magazine: Kevin Sparrow is Hot Jul 8, 2010

Photo by Takuya Sakamoto

While Kevin from Cog Magazine ( @cogmag_kevin ) was in town last month, I convinced him to get into a shoot Tak scheduled with Mishka for Ollie Magazine.. He’s such a nice dude and even when he was trying to drag me to the ground, I couldn’t help but laugh.

It’s a shame that he’s decided to leave cycling for water polo. Best of luck man!

  • dpow

    saw it coming though, i’ve heard he is a really talented swimmer.

  • We look mad hot for each other.

  • jeff

    urban water polo.

  • d.patrick

    why dont you guys get a room?

  • Noah

    Hardcourt Water Polo?

  • He definitely isn’t switching to hardcourt polo, that’s for sure!

  • @matt sorta true…Kevin and I were outside the swinging door pub the other night before the first friday race in MKE and I was saying i needed a team still for the NAHBPC and he said he’d play with me ..pretty seriously too.
    to Kevin- Sorry bud I got some vets to play with but come out to Washington park to practice up!