Milwaukee Bicycle Co: Polo Fork Jul 22, 2010

Doug‘s a clever guy and so is the team at Milwaukee. If you pair those two groups together, innovative and clever products will arise. Take this Milwaukee Bicycle Co Polo Fork. Now, if you’re as confused as I was here, take note. Here’s Doug’s original intent:

“I was thinking about the convenience of having one spare wheel to replace the front or rear, especially in tournament situations. A 120mm spaced fork made specifically for polo would mean more interchangeability, less spare parts, more gearing options for us single speed and fixed riders. And it would mean that any bike with this fork would breathe polo.”

Pretty fucking clever. Loving the new stainless badge too!

More info below:

* Bruiser Polo Fork – Aftermarket
* 400mm Axle to Crown
* 4130 Heat Treated Chromoly
* Weight – 1260g w/300mm Steerer
* 1-1/8″ One-Piece Fully CNC’d Steerer
* 990 Brake Mounts with Removable Studs (plugs included when not using studs)
* Removable Brake Housing Gui
* Headset Compression Plug Included
* 400mm Axle to Crown
* 32mm Rake
* 6mm Dropouts
* Stainless MKE Badge
* Black ED Coated Inside and Out for Full Rust Proofing
* Your Choice of Solid Color (excluding pearl coats or metalflake)
* Lifetime Warranty

  • d.patrick1a

    thats pretty cool actually.

  • i thought the guys at MKE had come up with an “all wheel drive” bike or something. but this is pretty nuts too.

  • Tim D.

    It’s a good idea in theory, but 1. Many people, myself included, ride 26″ for polo. 2. I highly doubt my front wheel would get destroyed. 26″ 48h Rhyno Lites just aren’t easy to fuck up. So I would only need to carry a spare back wheel anyway…even though it is the rear version of the front, and is unlikely to get destroyed that easily.

  • zfree

    I would think that if you were serious enough polo-ite and had enough scratch build another wheel and a new fork it would be a little simpler just to bring that other wheel to the competition and if you wanted 4 different gearing options I remember this thing called a geared bicycle. That is just me though what the hell do I know.

  • Doug is like the Gretzky of Polo.

  • Luke

    This is really cool. Innovation allowing four gearing options and a (theoretically) stronger wheel with the benefit of identical spoke lengths front and back.

  • ben

    for poor people like myself, interchangeability is the bizzzomb.. I’ve recently(this week) had a lot of trouble with rims crapping out on me, and if I had identical spacing front and rear, there wouldn’t have been a problem, and I wouldn’t be paying for a new rear wheel build this weekend. thank you mke for the innovation!!!

  • tom

    good idea, are there a lot of pinch flats in polo?

  • DM

    It’s hardly innovative – It’s been done recently by Surly, Jeff Jones & Paul’s Comp, among others.

    But still a good idea – As relevant for bike polo as wilderness touring.

    Not sure what the complaints are about – I can’t really see any downsides.

  • TD

    “Not sure what the complaints are about – I can’t really see any downsides.”

    Not really any complaints, it’s just impractical for polo. It’s also only really serving a niche market of the polo world, those who play on track bikes, which is fine of course, but is really a small number of people in the end.

  • dontcoast

    26″ for polo!

    ’nuff said.

  • julien

    bet it can hold a big tire as well

  • Isaac

    This is not innovation. I don’t see what the aversion to geared bikes is. If you ride a single speed and need more than one gear option, you are not riding a single speed! ride a geared bike! Also if you are trying to cut down on spare parts to bring with you, you will probably need more than one length chain for gears more than one two teeth apart! This does not make any sense.

  • derailleurs break dude… Ever play polo? Probably not.