LA Brakeless: Summer Fix Ramps Preview Jul 9, 2010

These ain’t no palette and plywood ramps, that’s for sure. The LA Brakeless team is really turning up the heat for their Summer Fix event with a few great ramps. I can’t wait. You better be there!

  • charlie murphy

    Hope all the heavy hitters are coming, EAST and WEST and all places in in between are coming to rep. This is going to epic.
    Get your shit packed and come.

  • im gonna be there on my blue bruiser!

  • Henry Ho

    super sick with it. What are you guys doin for the session on friday? pre warmups?

  • Derred of souplesse

    See you there john!

  • So pissed funds didn’t work out to be able to make it. Looks like it’s gonna be tons o fun!