Favorbikes: Achilles Freestyle Jul 24, 2010


Favorbikes have been around for a little while. I remember seeing something from them last September and thinking that they actually looked kinda nice. Now, a year later and everyone’s riding bigger tires and in general, going bigger. Enter the Achilles Freestyle. A fixed freestyle bike with a mid-bottom bracket, curved seat tube and a wishbone seatstay. Like what you see? Check out more photos here.

  • Soupy

    At first sight I thought it was a Kilroy. I’m lovin’ the color though.

  • Jamal Waterford

    wherer can you pick one up their site is like half english half something else haha

  • Noahem

    Where do they come from?

  • Noahem

    Where can I find a pricetag?

  • Noahem

    How do I get this frame?

  • Ding Dang

    Wait… Gorilla isn’t dead… Hahahahaha

  • Jake Ricker

    Such a Kilroy/Shadow rip off!
    Curved downtube and seat tube.
    And the wishbone…
    (I know nothing is original, and bike frames are all very similar. But thats a little much for how little of a number of 700cmx frames out there)

  • looks like the D.A.M.P butterbean

  • Dude, Jake, tons of these little obscure Asian brands have done wishbones / curved tubes. To imply that Leader some how did it first is laughable. Fuck man, the DAMP Butterbean has been out for over a year and it had the exact same details.

    My roommate has an early Tonic frame what has a gusset at the chainstay / bb cluster too. Know where everyone got these details? Bicycle design for the past 30 years. MTB / BMX and Track / TT all used these details. No one invented any of this shit.

    I get dozens of emails every week from Taiwan / China / Korea. All from small companies pushing their new frames. They’re so far ahead of the US manufacturers it’s impressive. I’ll search back through my emails and find the 26″ fixed specific bike with a mid-bb and s-bend chain/seat stays too. Came out a long time before the Nem Pro and Grime bikes.

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    John Droppin knowledge on all your dome piece.

  • What the better lookin Kilroy?!?!?


  • Thanks prolly for giving Asia some respect it deserves.

    We need some out here!

  • dontcoast

    Most bikes are made in asia anyways so anyone who likes bikes needs to either chill out or rant about world economics instead of bikes.

    I really like to see asian designed asian built frames, however up front info on production is always appreciated.

    Most importantly, where’s price, availability and geo sheet? That thing looks sweet!

  • Peter707

    I think this is a interesting idea for a frame but I hope they come through and deliver this frame fast unlike the RYD HAVIC.

  • Andyg

    peter707 where are you from in the 707?

  • where are you from in the 707?