DVS Milan CTC Cadence Sneakers In Stock Jul 20, 2010

Remember these? Yeah, the shoes that have rarely left my feet in almost two months. Well, they’re finally in stock over at DVS in all three colorways. If you wanna try them out, head over to DVS right now!

In case you’re wondering how mine are holding up, I’ll post some photos this week of the wear and tear they’ve endured.

  • economist

    Hope this means the preorders are going to ship!

  • nathan

    hey what size dunks do you wear and what size dvs’s do you wear? tryin to figure out my size in these.

  • nick


    cannot wait! should be shippin’ soon (crosses fingers)

  • I didnt check to see if DVS had a pre-order as well, but shouldnt the people who pre-ordered off of Cadence get there shoes first? The people who are just now ordering from DVS are gonna get em first arent they? Anybody heard from Dustin? My shoes are falling apart, I need these now!