Chari & Co: Ride to Climb Jul 6, 2010

Who says you can’t ride to climb in NYC? Well, a different kinda climb anyway! The Chari & Co crew knows what’s the next big urban trend here in NYC: rock climbing. Nice and fun summer edit.

  • greg

    used to be huge climber lived in a tent for almost 3 years straight. busted a bunch of tendons and was forced to retire. biking has been the only thing to keep up with the one ideal that i loved climbing for: meditation through movement! kinda glad it happened in some ways because biking is awesome! great video and a great gym!!! those guys are super nice over there. thanks for a great video post man!

  • Jack

    Great video, if it catches on my gym’s going to need to put more bike racks in!! For now mine is usually the only one.

  • chris

    ‘urban trend’? are you serious? ‘if it catches on’? Just what we need…People to flood the gym cause its ‘cool’.

  • chris

    nice video tho.

  • jo!

    its been a fairly big urban “trend” for some time. you should check out urban climber magazine. it’s pretty rad. bouldering is a great supplement to cycling and vice versa.

  • Harry

    I like Wonka talking shit hahah

  • T.J.

    sweet video! climbing is HUGE here in Utah glad to see it big somewhere else as well keep up the fun and good work