Smashenger: Don’t Steal Wheels Bro Jun 3, 2010

Wow. Way to go Krillz! Here’s what happened:

I was just rolling up Sullivan street an hour so ago and I see this guy looking mad suspicious with latex gloves on yanking on this wheel thats on this bike still locked up. I say “is that yours?” and pull out the camera. The rest you can see from the following video until my card got filled.

Check out the full scoop over at Smashenger!

  • I love this day n’ age

  • d.patrick

    i so want to see the rest of this.

  • this is the wrong kind of grimey.

  • Vas

    props to the dude for stickin around and following through with this scumbag.

  • sau

    this was really well executed. there was no physical violence and the thief was caught red-handed. the messenger who filmed this had a) quick wits to capture it on camera and b) a even-tempered approach. above all, I am happy that NYPD actually cared about people’s bicycles for once.

  • Krillz is awesome. In this age of video phones and cameras, I wish more people would use them to catch bike theives. And of course following through, calling the cops. You can’t deny the proof.

  • Santiago Belmont

    this video makes me so angry. that asshole has the gutts to walk back to him and tell him to open his bag, this guy knew what he was doing, latex gloves and all… wow.

  • Steven

    everyone else out there in brooklyn/nyc watch out for these drug fiends. they steal your shit and sell it. no shame whatsoever. the guy filming the video had the best intentions about civilly/logically confronting that guy, which clearly didn’t work. these people will lie to your face without batting an eyelash. we need a u-lock based martial arts discipline.

  • Once krillz says, “I got you on camera for the tenth time” the latex gloved bandit’s face turns beet red. Damn man, this fool needs a beat down, look at his lousy fat ass.

  • Thrashton Kutcher

    daaamn KRILLZ, good looks homie.

  • Adam

    I would have just layed the beat down on his fat ass. the only thing that pisses me off more than fat people, is fat people that steal.

  • Theo

    Saddening. Should have smacked him Ulock style