Sean Milnes: Flip Edit Jun 15, 2010

Sean Milnes- FlipCam Edit from sean milnes on Vimeo.

This is Sean’s first experiment with editing and filming. I think it’s a great start but if you’re bored with the artsy-stuff, fast forward through it to a big ledge hop to drop and other nice moves. Hope those MTX33‘s treat you well Sean!

By the way, The Sweat Hogs Summer Edit 1 was shot on a Flip. It’s all about your compression settings!

4 responses to “Sean Milnes: Flip Edit”

  1. slumworm says:

    We shot “Wheel Talk”, using only the Flip video, and i must say that it is a dope little pocket cam. The only problem, is that the film starts to look grainy, when shooting under low light. The camera automatically bumps up the ISO.

  2. prolly says:

    Not even an HVX shoots well under low-light.

  3. chris says:

    peabody museum drop is pretty fucking rad!

  4. Drew says:

    yeah, the two most important things about a flip cam are to make sure you have lots of light and to move the camera as little as possible… also for the love of god do NOT use the zoom function on it! It can actually produce some pretty awesome daytime footage if you handle it right.