Paper Fortress: Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool Jun 22, 2010

Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool from Paper Fortress on Vimeo.

Here’s another beautiful video from Paper Fortress. This time, he worked with Union Foundry to shoot a short “how-to” video on their new T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool.

Here’s the info from the Vimeo page!

After a year of development, incubation, and manufacturing research, Union Foundry is proud to present our first official product. The inaugural, limited first run of T-0001 was designed on kitchen checks and cocktail napkins at our local. Just days later, the initial design still just a sketch, prototypes were milled and sent downtown to be tested by Boston bike couriers and other local riders.

When the final design was locked the tools were machined less than a mile from the place of its inception, then delivered – by bicycle – to be hand polished by the same finishing shop that worked with Somerville bicycle legends Merlin and Fat Chance. The military-grade stainless steel parts were polished to a jewelry-grade finish then shipped off to our laser shop to be etched by the same machinists that cut titanium parts for Independent Fabrication and Seven Cycles. Upon their return to Union Foundry headquarters, in the same building that housed Merlin Bicycles until the late-90s, packaging materials were hand cut and printed by local letter-press outfit Repeat Press, and then assembled and packaged for individual sale.

T-0001 eliminates the need to carry a lockring wrench and chainwhip in your tool bag. Using a simple rotafixing technique, This tool allows for effortless removal and installation of lockrings using nothing more than your bicycle chain. The proprietary eccentric cutout allows for the tool to accommodate all popular lockring sizes from the small Sugino type to over-sized Profile type. The seventeen tooth cog on the outer diameter of the tool can also be used with a normal 1/8″-width chainwhip when in the shop. The tooth profile on the outside of the tool stems back to the ANSI standard for half-inch pitch roller chains, allowing for optimal contact and power transfer from the chain to the lockring. Tired of breaking your knuckles using that Hozan to muscle off your lock ring? We were, too…

That’s a lot to read, so just watch the video!

Union Foundry: Rotafixer T0001-0A

  • maus

    Dang! $85 shipped???

  • bcal

    he should get a wrench with a lockring tool on the end of it.

  • Jerrylikesbikes

    Here’s an idea that I’d like to release under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license,

    Why not make a lockring that has teeth on it? Why not make the tool and the lockring one piece? I personally wouldn’t mind having a little extra weight on my lockring if it meant for an easy and painless installation/removal. Overall, the weight would be less than a standard lockring and tool, even something as light as this unique tool!

  • A lockring is an interesting concept in theory, but’s not that simple… the lockring teeth would scratch the chain, wouldnt they?

  • v

    Hmm . . wouldnt want to fall of with that dangling off my ass

  • J

    Im all for I.D., made local, supporting my peers, etc. I usually keep my mouth shut when I see things I don’t like, but between the video and the super slick website, this is too much. Sorry, this tool is silly, In conjunction with this, you need a rag so your chain doesnt scratch your bb shell, it solves a problem that doesnt exist. Convoluted, jenky… Oh, and they are not a foundry of any sort, unless marketing is a metal.

  • c

    Too much is the idea. We are talking about Open Bicycle. Remember, it aint that serious.

  • I don’t see the practicality in the Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool at all.
    How often do cyclists riding track bikes change cogs during the middle of their commute?
    Perhaps a daunting hill is approaching and one wants to change gears. Why not just utilize a flip-flop hub rather than going through the hassle of replacing the cog outright? (Or why not just plan accordingly and, God forbid, ride a bike with multiple gears up that hill).
    There are already tools that exist which combine both a chain whip and a lock ring tool, specifically the Shimano TL-SR22.
    It is a simple, efficient tool that just works.
    Carrying around something as relatively large as the Shimano tool would be cumbersome if you plan on traveling light, but chances are if you’re traveling light you’re not traveling very far.
    If you’re breaking your knuckles while trying to remove your lock ring, you probably just aren’t doing it right.
    Using the Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool to remove both lockring and cog hardly seems effortless. The amount of extraneous work that goes into it’s process is just ridiculous and useless.
    I would highly recommend not purchasing this product and instead purchasing the Shimano TL-SR22, which is half the price of the Union Foundry T-0001 Roto-Fix Tool ($40 opposed to $80) yet far more practical and efficient.

  • Cool Ass Mike

    An art project gone wrong! I get the lock ring off… Then I have to put the wheel back on, tighten my bolts, pedal backwards and loosen the cog! Then loosen my bolts.. Hold ON, then put a cog on and do all this shit over again!!! What the fuck! Take that shit put it in a case and just call it art! You know what I’m saying. I never change my cog during a fucking ride!! OK, I’m done… PS. I’m calling park tools and stop trying to be cool like Cool Ass Mike !

  • I didnt write this self boasting comment listed above. I don NOT approve this posting! lol