Midnight Keirin ケイリン Club Photos Jun 22, 2010

Last night was the first event in a bi-weekly series called the Midnight Keirin Club. The intent of this series is to race in the various channels throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Short and sweet drags races with one thing to win: cash. After getting booted from the first spot by the MTA and NYPD, we headed to a nearby strip of closed road. With only 6 people racing, it was short and sweet. Let’s try to ramp this up this Summer NYC! I wanna see some fierce competition. I’ll totally race next week if you guys will come out!

Check out a few more photos here, at my Flickr and expect more bulletins as events warrant.

  • d.patrick

    This sounds like alot of fun.

  • Aaron

    Are these ongoing and are the races open to any style bike so long as it’s fixed and brakeless? Might be a bit of a joke to race my cutter, but fun none the less.