Cisco and Fixed Freestyle Jun 12, 2010

Wait. What? Cisco, the mobility network has a commercial with a dude doing fixed freestyle stuff from 2008? Weird.

  • Tyler Johnson

    SO THATS the guy who tested the bruiser, and those are the Milwaukee executives huh….


  • i saw him at the long beach downtown showdown haha hes good.

  • That was actually really rad…

  • beaver

    brandeeenn!! hahaha

  • noah salvi

    that is so sick, glad to see fixed getting out there more

  • ptCTdopepedalrider

    I think this is how Wonka broke all those Kilroy protos…

  • Yes, at Milwaukee, there’s a whole back-end to the production.

  • J

    This would be some goober proposing the Cachet to Dorel…

  • jose

    pretty fun gopro camera angle

    ps more like a dude doing bmx freestyle stuff from 1980.

  • nico

    The guy riding the bike is good, the commercial though is painfully lame overall… it kills me that cycling culture is being co-opted to sell something that is not even bike related!

  • zach

    i lol’d

  • igor

    shut up nico.

  • oneangrytoast

    umm for 2008, his bike is very updated.

    the bars, the frame and fork the tires, etc.

    i watched in on my old laptop so the video is a bit choppy but, yea, seems like this dudes bike was way ahead of the curve, no?

  • girl