Chari & Co: SRAM Omnium Crank Review Jun 25, 2010

I’ve been saying it for years now, “SRAM makes baller shit”. In fact, the only modern track crank I’ll ride are the Omniums. I’m not alone in this either. Chari & Co put together a nice little edit showcasing this awesome crankset. Check it out!

You guys need an external mic so we can hear Ktel better!

  • jawn doe

    i fucking love my omniums. not a problem to date, super stiff, real round, and just overall a quality made product

  • I put a set of Omniums on my aluminum Leader and the first time I took them out for a spin I noticed a huge difference. The omniums are super stiff and super easy to maintain and install.

  • sagbuya

    my lbs tried installing these on my T1. the chainring mounts couldnt clear the stay. a longer spindle could cure the problem but that’s not possible(or is it) cause it is integrated.

    • trackrider

      wish I had seen this earlier as I had the same problem on my T1 and P3