Bmore Fixed: Christina Edit and Profile Jun 26, 2010

Bmore Fixed just posted up a nice rider profile and edit featuring Christina, one of the few fixed freestyle girl riders. Along with the Q&A, there’s a great interview and a bike check. Keep it up Christina and good job dudes! Check it out here.

  • Jerry Tyrone

    dude, she rocks!

  • Rick

    that chainring grind was smooth as hell

  • TJ

    I liked the rollback down the steps & the opening bail, “Oh shit…!”

    But it looks like she has real trouble getting the front end up – the bike looks too big & clumsy for her. Like if I tried freestyle on my bloated 29er.

    I’m sure she would rock harder on a different bike. That’s why the change we’re seeing to different wheel sizes makes total sense for some riders; Not least, the ability to significantly tweak the front end geometry while still avoiding toe-overlap etc.

    Nice edit & cool tune, too.

  • stefanieallen

    Hell yeah! Can’t wait to ride with you in Baltimore again soon.

  • fixed gear athens

    Μπράβο ρε Χριστινάκι!

    Ρεπρεζέντ την πατρίδα ναούμε!

    Άντε να σε δούμε κ στα μέρη μας κάποτε….


  • By far the strongest edit from a women I’ve seen. Super solid Christina!

  • drew leshko

    hell yea christina! diggin the handoff rollout!

  • stooped

    Kinda lame sorry but pointless to type because comments don’t get approved for speaking the truth

  • moends

    gotta get on hops a little more. but pretty solid edit

  • raydul

    this is bad ass. that being said the edit was a little weak. kind of like the wnba. I think that shes got tallent and like female basket ball players should be pushed to compete with the guys because more likely than not she can.

  • Maria Gerekos

    Awesome job Christina!!! I’m proud of you!!!!
    next year in Monemvasia!!!!!!!!
    I love you your mommy