2010 Bicycle Film Festival NYC Party Jun 20, 2010

My clothes are still soaked and my ears are still ringing. Last night went off! As the official BFF2010NYC party began everyone was a little apprehensive. It felt like a prom but then all hell broke loose and people started to get into it. Star Eyes from Trouble & Bass killed it with an insane miss of dubstep bangers, crunk and screw. People were going insane and these photos only capture a fraction of the energy. Thanks to everyone who showed up! The Bicycle Film Festival loves all of you!

All photos by Takuya Sakamoto. Check out more photos at his Flickr!

  • BFF knows how to hold it down

  • b. taylor

    Holy shite! Thanks for reminding me where I went last night!

  • el poet

    These pictures are awesome… they seem to genuinely capture the vibe… expressionistic in a way.

  • shitface

    hows prolly having a perv at that girl in the last photo. haha

  • baby samson

    What’s up with that girls thigh in the first photo its kinda sexy though and is that a brake levver and cable on her ear?hahaha