The QBF: Amsterdam Osdorp May 24, 2010

Amsterdam Osdorp from The QBF on Vimeo.

I’m a huge MVRDV fan. In fact, when I was in Holland after college, I spent most my time visiting their projects. One of those projects is featured in this The QBF video. The Wozoko housing is an elderly retirement compound with massive faux-cantilevers and brightly-colored balustrades. Here’s a little background on the rest of the video:

The city district Amsterdam Osdorp recently merged with Slotervaart and Geuzenveld-Slotermeer and was given the name Amsterdam Nieuw-West. This change also meant the end of 20 years of restructuring urbanized areas. To celebrate everything achieved, a book was published. ‘The Metamorphosis of Osdorp’ gives an overview of the architectural highlights. PlusOne was asked to create an intriguing video.

More info at

Great use of tracking and compositing. Makes me want to get back over to the NL again!

  • t-bone

    no love

  • i love this, great post.

  • tiar ramon

    i love mvrdv…..once went to their office in rotterdam…..very interesting….their models are fantastic!

  • DM

    I visited the GWL-Terrein car-free district (just on the north edge of Nieuw-West). A nice, safe environment to bring up kids… but, like most of these recent developments (which are largely but not 100% = single-use residential), it misses the point of the vibrancy and mixed-use of true urbanism.

  • Simon Tallent

    watched this yesterday at college, whilst looking up some videos on vimeo, dont know much about mvrdv but this clip was brilliant to watch, very smart, and i love the music too.