Steven Jensen: Thrasher Edit May 21, 2010

thrasher part from steven jensen on Vimeo.

Damn. So many bangers in this one! Steven Jensen put out a little edit to promote the new Volume Thrasher. He’s progressing so fast and I totally dig his style too. Kinda lethargic right up until he’s about to bust out a trick, then he explodes into something unexpected! Loving the grind to wheelie combos!

Seen at Zlog.

Volume Thrasher Ad with Steven Jensen
Steven Jensen: New Rims Edit

  • Alex Lee

    Dude next level. This isn’t even comparable to any edit anyone else is putting out. So sick.

  • andrew

    holy shit 2:45 is one of the sickest tricks I’ve seen.

  • jayjay

    Those grind variations/combos are insane. Glad he got his creaky bottom bracket fixed up. I was hoping to see some more of those huge nollies off ledges/stair sets. That last hop over the frame was huge. A quick little seat tuck for that extra height.

  • MWA

    F this guy is good. I’ve ridden with him a few times but I never see him put shit like this down. Zlog crew reppin’!

  • hors

    La Marche has competition!
    Saw the slight frame tweak from the holder after he hopped it though, still GNAR.

  • Guy went so hard he had to do it to em with the Big L! Had me Bobby Brown’n with those lines!

  • I wouldn’t call it competition. If anything, Tom’s got an admirer.


    Besides Tom hopped my large Bruiser and numerous handrails that are over bar height. They both have different approaches to fixed freestyle and contribute sick lines on either side of the spectrum.

  • Harry

    Good riding. But I wish people would fuck their keys off when filming edits. Caribiner keys and fixies are done already.

  • hors

    But Tom’s got magic leprechaun skills, no fair.


    thats dude kills it for real!

  • Jon

    soooo tight. lol agree with the keys comment.

  • Jensen 2010!

  • this is one of the best edits that I have ever seen! So solid!!!!

    DAMN! The summer is here!

  • best edit ive ever seen.

  • ian

    Leaping footjam!

  • andy

    this dudes good BUT has a way heavy bmx background
    AND la marche is still the best. hes an og to the sport.

  • last clip is fake. footy has been modified. Dude holding the bike freez frames when dude does the hop.


  • fixed_hesh

    I am not necessarily into BMX style tricks on fixed gears, but that being said this edit is paving the way for some newer and better shit. FFGS needs more of Jensen’s super tech grind combos, and doing multiple tricks in a line and not just one banger at a time, its all about flow right? Also a plus that he didn’t include bails, I hate it when half an edit is someone falling all over the place before the banger.

  • steven jensen

    the last clip is not fake? every one at the last future tense saw me hopping this high in person.. what are you talking about detective freeze frame.

  • Fixed_hesh are you kidding? Where do you think 90% of fixie tricks came from?

  • Adrian


    I just watched that clip up close like 12 times, and it’s most definitely not fake, you can see the bike naturally swaying a little bit during the jump. The first and second time around though I though the same thing, dude just gets real still.

  • Good kid, great rider.

  • wilis

    kid looks like he has heart! Big ups!

  • ptctdopepedalrider

    While riding tailwhip is first ive seen since bode, and he has bangers as hard as anyone. smoothe with an . bars in combos like always, and he can bunnyhop a big bike, its raw. tom can fly.