SE Bikes: Water St. Cranksets May 14, 2010

This is too funny. In support of their local trick meet-up, the Water St. Sessions, SE Bikes have dubbed their new fixed crankset the Water St. Crankset. It’s a shame it’s not a BMX crank!

407 Fixed Gear: Philly Teaser
Gary Wilpizeski: Tom at the Water St. Sessions

  • They should have made something we can use for FGFS.
    this is like taking a step back.

  • ArenL

    agreed. great idea, but a little late.

  • garr1s0n

    according the SE Website” they’re 144bcd with integrated BB spindle and external bottom bracket. Kind of like a big heavy, low tooth count SRAM Omnium crankset.

  • they’re the same as these:

    which I pitted out in no time. The assemblage is shit and the bb is even worse. I separated the crank from the spindle in a week.

  • ROFL

  • YUP, day late dollar short…

  • Rhett

    ughhhh SE. Is it really that hard? I like your brand but then you come out with stuff like this and the PK ripper. Can you just start burning your money instead of investing it in useless things?

  • FAIL

  • James

    Listen guy’s. The product was put into motion over a year ago by a guy that was hired as a P&A guy internally. It should have never been released. He is no longer with the company. SE mass produces andits hard to make a ton of shit when things have been changing literally overnight. We are designing some really amazing stuff so stay tuned……….

    Yours Truly,
    SE Branding Consultant
    SE Fixed Team Manager

  • JP

    It’s been said. Profile can make stuff with immediate turn-around because it’s made in the US. Stuff like this that get’s made in korea/phillipenes/indonesia/what-ever, needs about a year turnover time, from design, to production, to getting testing models, to getting them into production.

    These cranks are about exactly where fixed freestyle was a year ago.