Mutiny Bikes: One Spring Day May 26, 2010

Mutiny Bikes – “One Spring Day” from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Dr. Fast recommended this video with one word: “beautiful” and it really is. Incredible depth of field (is that tilt-shift?) and an excellent choice in music. It plays like a dream…

Via Mutiny

  • aj

    austin texas. one of the fakest places in the world but so good for bikes.

  • Matt

    Tiltshift indeed!!!
    That is easily the most visually captivating video I’ve ever seen. Smooooooth.

  • Vas

    def tilt shift and def amazing.

  • ian

    this looks more like the work of a lensbaby than tilt shift

  • that’s what I was thinking. Like this video…

  • pushakey

    wow, not only was it visually stunning, but it was a huge dose of step ur game up to anybody on any kind of bike filming tricks…props

  • aj

    all mutiny’s web edits are nicely done, and they have creative type intros too.

  • puckett

    i was at that bone zone van quarter. it was a block from my house, it will be at the texas jam that aj isnt invited to since hes talking shit on the capital of his great state.

  • Mutiny always puts out the dope edits. Mystical was insane.

  • KGJ

    Lovely stuff.

    Really surprised by the guy with the northern English accent, didn’t expect that.