Loop Magazine: Hold Fast Hidden Story May 27, 2010

For the current issue of Loop Magazine, Takuya Sakamoto visited the Hold Fast facilities in Brooklyn, deep within the Navy Yards. You can only get into the Navy Yards with a pass or an escort and that’s why Loop decided to dub the article the “Hidden Story”. The 8-page spread covers all the initial design and developments of the industry-changing foot retention.

If you’ve ever wanted to see how your Hold Fasts are made and who makes them, check the rest of the story out below!

A lot has changed from the first prototype to the final production model. One thing Tak couldn’t show was the new development!

Team riders each had a spread and a bike check.

You’ll recognize some of these guys! Click on each of the photos for high-res images and if you want to see the photos even bigger, I’ve uploaded the full-res to my Flickr!

  • aj

    so there made in japan?

  • no you big dummy. Made in Brooklyn!

  • Vas

    the good old Navy Yards of Brooklyn, Japan :)

    article looks good! gotta love the layouts of japanese magazines.

  • LOL. I’m in the same issues as Prolly! (I’m the goof on page 83.

  • d.patrick

    i like how all the picts of the bikes alone are over your peels session spot. prolly what are the colors of those straps you have. is that grey with green trim?

  • aj

    look john, i’m from texas everything looks like japan to me. arent them holdquick things kinda like feetbelts, those are from texas i know what them are.

  • YEAAA BOYEEE! They also set up shop in Baltimore also so they will be cranking them even faster now!!

  • kylej