Aloha Fixed: Extra and Unused Footage May 5, 2010

Aloha Fixed – Extra/Unused Footage from Gerald Alonzo on Vimeo.

I love coming home to good edits. Aloha Fixed just upped a nice collection of old and unused clips to their blog. Watching Tanner ride is always refreshing. Lindsey‘s g-turn on the bank was mad clean though!

  • The line at 1:01 was really dope. 360 nose pivot to slider. Looked really nice fellas.

  • This is coming as “Private video – If you have permission to watch this video, please log in at Vimeo.”

    I hope there’s another way for me to check this out, since a steady diet of fresh edits is one of the only things keeping the caffeine jitters at bay while I finish up exams.

  • It is a private video, sir. What to do now, if i wanna watch it?

  • sorry some of thats for bootleg 4 and wasnt supposed to go further than my friend who edited it’s school project. sorry :(