407 Fixed Gear in Philly May 28, 2010

407fixedgear : in Philly from Antimo on Vimeo.

Here it is. Antimo kept us waiting by leaking dubstep-infused teaser after teaser. Finally, the 407 Fixed Gear in Philly edit! Like the soundtrack? Check it here!

  • drew leshko

    really enjoyed this. well done.


  • Skamp

    Yo, that trick at 3:57 was sooo sick. That’s my new goal.

  • Even though I live in San Diego now & love here, this edit makes me miss the east coast. The vibe, the fun, the music. Great fucking edit seriously. Im juiced on it.

  • Tom Briggs

    Fantastic video! Tons of personality!

  • such solid fucking edit. props to antimo and fortune.

  • shittyben

    tryin to cop my steez skamp? learn it and do it better and ill accept it.