West Coast Video Round-Up Apr 11, 2010

Michael Chacon Quick edit from Michael Chacon on Vimeo.

First up in tonight’s round up is Michael Chacon’s newest edit. Some good lines in there and a ever-so close full cab bar line.

Check out the newest video from the City Grounds riders below.

4.9.2010 It Fixed Itself from City Grounds on Vimeo.

These dudes have the slider taps down and Matt’s no-footed manual is super clean; love the toes dragging. Corey’s failed attempt at 180’ing the 7-set at the end gave this edit its name. You gotta go back and nail that again dude!

Keep em coming guys!

  • Just being Stacey Stickler but it was Corey doing the 180 and I bet the ‘halfcab bar line’ was pretty much a full cab bar line.

    I don’t actually care, just my OCD does.

  • Yeah, I woofed those two. Totally meant full-cab. Thanks Tom.

  • corey

    hahaha thanks mosher for your OCD.

  • pedalpiff

    Is Marwin on a DMR fork?

  • Ryan

    What frame is he riding?