Push it a Stop: Flip Clips vol. 2 pt. 2 Apr 6, 2010

flip clips vol. 2 pt. 2 from scott marceau on Vimeo.

The madness continues in part 2 of the Flip Clips vol. 2 edit by Push it a Stop. Man, the first few minutes gave me a headache! Don’t let it fool you, this edit is filled with good shit. Can’t wait to see what Scott comes up with next.

Push it a Stop: Flip Clips vol. 2 pt. 1

  • Jarshy

    well, there went my afternoon!

  • aj

    hahaha yep just saw myself at the 6:20 mark.

  • Adrian

    Hah, they’ve got a part shot at my old middle school in there. Good edit.

  • Uh Oh! Guest appearance by mr. John Prolly at the 7:05.

  • vin-E

    dude is that you doing a nose bonk??!! har har har har ahr!