Mårten from Sweden with his DAMP Butterbean Apr 2, 2010

Mårten and Jakob came over from Stockholm this week and swung through Peel Sessions last night, along with a ton of dudes from SF. Here’s Mårten standing with his DAMP Butterbean towards the end of night. Mårten’s got 180 bars on lock and both the dudes are rippers on BMX, Fix and skateboards. It was a great time and I’ve got a load of videos and photos to edit but I gotta run because I’m late meeting up with the Swedes!

Mårten & Jakob
Jacob Nose Pivot
D.A.M.P. Butterbean
Mårten and Luke
Mårten from Sweden

  • Eilif Knutson

    I love how slammed that rear wheel is! Im getting ready to chop up the rear end of my cutter up and re build the rear triangle so i can jam the wheel into the bottom bracket.


  • Cool to see Marten and Jakob again! I met them at EHBPC in London at the EHBPC. Shit man Marten, you got 180 BS on lock? That trick has no love for me man! You were riding a DAMP back then again as well didn’t you?

  • ian

    funny, when I was in Stockholm I didn’t see more than a couple track bikes. I guess there’s more of that scene there than I thought.