Geometrick: Spring Edit Apr 26, 2010

Spring Edit from FeeLoO on Vimeo.

The Geometrick guys are enjoying the warm weather in Paris. Here’s their newest edit filled with some clean riding and a snapped frame. Oof! What a way to ruin a day.

Thanks for the heads up Felix!

  • thanks for posting !

  • Really nice! I guess one part has been shoot on Normandie Cost. I am not a big fan of the music but anyway, it’s sounds good!

  • ben

    can anybody tell what kind of frame that was that snapped? mercier? looks cheapy… like my bike.

  • the frame is a GOrilla Zengang, this frame is not cheap but is not made for freestyle so he didn’t like the gaps..

  • awww shit thats a 1000 frame :(

    ima slap hargraft if he trys any of that shit on his once he gets it built up.

  • yup, a gorilla frame… I ride one myself, great frame! it’s a swiss company I think… check it: