Fish & Chips: Fukuoka Fixed Gear Apr 24, 2010

YSO is back at it with a steady and smooth edit from Fukuoka Fixed Gear. Loving his tweaked out hops and smooth traffic to sidewalk lines. Keep killing it YSO!

Keep an eye on Fish & Chips for more edits.

  • steven jensen

    this dude is so raw i love it..

  • Shawn

    One of the first non boring fixed freestyle video i have seen!

  • Harry

    Nice…This is how fixed gear bikes should be ridden!

  • Vas

    R.I.P. Guru!!

  • Eilif Knutson

    Ill second that Harry!

  • YSO

    big up myman!
    keep on kill’n street!
    YASUO a.k.a. YSO

  • Gabba

    This is how it should be………like “underachievers” on two wheels !!!

  • hood

    agreed this is a smooth edit, its freestyle but it still feel like a fixed gear bike if that makes sense.

  • i liked watching this. Chill cruising. Raw.

  • Steavu

    i had the pleasure of living in fukuoka for 2 months. NATSUKASHII. this dude killed the entire downtown area, Tenjin and mid-day traffic. props!

  • Hector

    Great!!!! I´m currently in Fukuoka, may I´ll see him.
    But unfortunately I couldn´t find any Fixi-shop here in Fuku, but on the streets I can see a lot of Fixies.
    Can anybody tell me where to find shops? I need some pimp-parts :-)