Beaver: You Know My Steez Apr 28, 2010

Spring Edit from Beaver on Vimeo.

Beaver’s back with a great little spring edit showcasing a lot of the LABrakeless riders. It’s a good watch filled with a great soundtrack. You can’t go wrong with Gang Starr nowadays. R.I.P. Guru.

  • b. taylor

    So good!

  • dennis

    R.I.P. Guru, so sick!

  • How do you get stuff up from my friends before I do??

  • Hey man, NY’rs hustle more than LA’rs.

  • That’s Why Im moving..

  • Seans gap was sick! George has one of the best fast plants that ive seen on a fixed gear. That wreck at the end was real beasty, damn!


    that would be Gang Starr. Keith “Guru” Elam r.i.p
    btw Premier is the greatest f kanye west.

  • beaver

    oh prolly, youre making me brush.

  • Yes I know I grew up listening to Gang Starr just caught a grammar error…

  • 49teeth

    oh man that wreck at the end was br00tal.

  • LeMouth

    Damn, the santa monica triple set is ballsy. Can’t believe he tried that shit.