April and May Events Coming Up Apr 28, 2010

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So every year I get my inbox absolutely flooded with events in the Spring and Summer. Until I can figure out a way to better organize this process, I’m going to be listing the events for the end and beginning of the month like this. Apologies if this upsets some of you, but I’m more than open to suggestions.

Here they are, the end of April and beginning of May events. If I missed one, shoot me an email or post it in the comments and I’ll add it.

  • Blake!

    Why don’t you set it up by location? Itd be easier to see what events relate to the readers location.

    Maybe something like this;

    North West
    South West
    Shit in the middle
    NYC (maybe for boston too?)
    East Coast (Baltimore/Philly/Pitt/DC/Richmond


  • Post them the way you want to. If this works for you, then do it. I can only imagine how many events you get in your inbox from not only across the country but around the globe. easier for you is better.

    I’m just thankful that you do post them and continue to do so.