4.12.2010 City Grounds x Fast Pace Zine Apr 14, 2010

4.12.2010 City Grounds x Fast Pace Zine from City Grounds on Vimeo.

City Grounds and Fast Pace Zine dudes united for an epic day filled with stair gaps, sick lines, broken bike bits and a lil bit of footbag. Seen over at Trick Track.

  • wilis

    Freestyle cmx 700c 26′ footbag son!

  • My influence resonates! ;)

    Great edit!

  • sick sick sick!

  • ben

    i thought tom and i were the only two dorks who played footbag and also did this ish..

    although tom’s WAAAAAAAAAAY better than i ever am at both.

  • RexyRexStL

    Best edit ever!

  • Thankksss!!!

    couldnt do it with out moshers inspiration ;)

  • Pistolero

    Congo is super sick yo.. Play some Polo yo