New York Challenge – GLK vs. Austin Horse Mar 9, 2010

Daniel Leeb shot this spot for a few weeks ago. It pits Austin Horse against a Mercedes GLK in New York City traffic. We all know how that would end, but for some reason a car company wants to use a bike to prove that it’s a legitimate form of transportation in a dense city.

But wait, how will it end? Watch part 2 below.

Great footage for sure. We all knew you’d win Austin!

  • Bill

    I like that nice close up of the Hold-Fast straps!

  • JD

    and the meet up at Affinity

  • C

    i really appreciate that the car DIDN’T win, but then was like, “hey here’s some mad luxury even though i’m not the most efficient way through town”. calling it like it really is.

    sort of reminds me of that dudley moore movie “Crazy People”

  • Gene Kahn

    ****Well, except for Austin’s skids, like my typical day out there. Okay, he’s really good,
    esp that dip under the park barrier. See why I
    don’t drive my Volvo anymore? Nice heater in
    the Benz tho.

    Why didn’t the car take the FDR?

  • m
  • That stretch of 7th Ave. btwn the Park and Times Sq. is some double black diamond isht. Love how he chews through that traffic!

  • Mea

    That was awesome!