Cog Jerkers: Introducing Sean Coats Mar 17, 2010

Introducing Sean Coats from COG JERKERS on Vimeo.

I don’t know about you but I didn’t need any introduction to Sean. I feel like I’ve been seeing him all over blogs in edits and in photos. Cog Jerkers, a new Southern California fixed gear group is run by groms who shred. I met a few of these guys when I was in LA and they’re great riders and good dudes.

Thanks for the email Sean! Nice edit!

  • RyanK

    1. Sean you rip, please keep shredding.

    2. Its interesting to see FGFS’s biggest player Ed “Wonka”, influencing up and coming groms (groms across the country no less). Note Same Bike Ed Rides, Same FRS Wonka uses, Same Seat, Same Size Tires, Same Shoes Wonka Wears (same attitude wonka embodies?) Somebody get Sean an Irak Hat and we’ll call it a day! Marketing works!

  • jkelley

    sean is all cool on his own, one of the nicest sickest kids around.

  • charles schoen

    hell yeah sean! come to bff this year i wanna get the vibes goin with some younger riders. but shits lookin solid! i gotta step up…

    p.s. i dont have my phone cause of grades, but i saw that text… go 26! haha youll like it for sure

  • Sean

    Gracias John! And naw Charles, 700c’s all the way baby!