Zoobomb: Mini Bike Winter 2010 Feb 25, 2010

Mini Bike Winter | 2010 from Richie Thomassen on Vimeo.

Damn. Portland going all out for Mini Bike Winter 2010. Craziness.

A yearly 2 day bicycling event full of F.U.N., activities, partying, and biking brought to you by Zoobomb in Portland. Mini Bike Winter is the staple of crazy bicycling entertainment which keeps everyone warm with laughter and…well, beer. It’s an open invite event and free to all.



  • Eilif Knutson

    Hell ya, Rev Phil is the man. He showed bike porn 3 at my place a few months ago. Good times in Portland.

  • Allender

    so sick. i miss zoo bombing so much. garth and i need to came back and do another salmon bomb for those guys. if you ever get the chance, go zoo bombing for real

  • Keep Portland Weird!! Word!

  • jerbear

    If you weren’t here, you don’t belong here.

  • robmyers

    best video i’ve seen in a long time!